A boosting serum for a firmer, radiant, healthy skin. In this serum, Filorga uses encapsulated vitamin C to reduce dullness and signs of fatigue. Contains vitamin H (biotin) that is essential for a healthy skin, NCTF that restores loss of hyaluronic acid, repairs the skin tissue and increases the microcirkulation, and HRH-14 Polyphenol that is a highly effective antioxidant known to improve the skin texture and provide radiance

The box HYDRA BOOSTER contains 3 bottles for 1 month of cure approximately.

Each bottle to treat areas such as face, neck, neckline. Before the first use of each bottle: It is necessary to activate each bottle with a pressure on the pump that will release the encapsulated assets. It will then shake the product for 10 seconds to mix the two formulas. Care protocol: For 30 consecutive days, proceed as follows morning and / or evening (according to the needs of your skin):

1) Shake the bottle well before each use

2) Apply 1 to 2 pressure (s) on the face and neck perfectly cleaned and dry

3) Let penetrate 10 minutes before applying your cream day or night


Dry to very dry skin, sensitive or reactive skin
Skin attacked by cold or temperature variations
Signs of dehydration: dehydration lines, dry patches, tightness


3x 10ml

Skin Perfusion - Hydra Booster

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