Extraordinary skin: the VALMONT experience

Our aim at LE CONCEPT is to offer our customers an indulgence in luxury. When this is your aim, one must set the bar for the brands you offer very high. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that LE CONCEPT has decided to carry VALMONT as the only skin care brand in our store.

The VALMONT products are aesthetically pleasing, and exude a whiff of luxury upon first glance. This is not limited to the aesthetics of the brand, the product in itself is high performing, authentic and innovative.

VALMONT’s history starts with being the first Swiss clinic dedicated entirely to health and wellness. Currently the brand is a family run company. This family, the Guillon’s, have ensured that Valmont remain “the magician of time”, helping men and women fight the aging signs. The love for innovation, science and cosmetics has been handed down for generations, which resulted in a brand we can’t stop gushing about. To ensure that we don’t take up too much of your time trying to explain why we are enthralled with this brand, we summarize the most important reasons below.

Five reason we at LE CONCEPT are smitten with VALMONT:

  1. Every VALMONT product has been infused with exclusive, pure Glacier water that can only be found at a secret (!) location at 2000 meters high in the Swiss Alpines. Speaking of exclusivity and luxury!

  2. VALMONT owns their own Alpine plant garden, located in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Throughout the product ranges you can find homegrown: Rosehip, Yellow dye, Echinacea, Mallow, Marigold, Nettle, White Lupine and Dill. Each of these plants have their own healing skin properties, that you will be sure to experience with VALMONT skin care. The feel of the products is so natural, that even our team members with very sensitive skin are able to use the products.

  3. Pure nature is combined with the power of science. This powerful combination has led to two cell therapy elements: DNA triple and RNA. (For more in-depth information about these therapies, please visit www.boutiquevalmont.com, they provide extensive information). We won’t make it too scientific for you, but for your skin this basically means: it stimulates the aging cells which counteracts external damages, rejuvenates your skin and makes it plump, radiant and gives you a glow. I don’t know about you, but we at LE CONCEPT welcome all of these properties for our skin!

  4. The scent. Really, each product line has its own unique fragrance, subtle enough not to interfere with any other fragrance you may be using, but present enough to give you a daily moment where you feel like you are physically in the Swiss Alps – a great start and end to your day!

  5. The packaging. Every product line has their own distinct color lettering, and makes much use of the regal colors of Gold and Silver. This does not only give us an optical pleasure in our store, but has also granted a front-row place for our Valmont products in our personal bathrooms. Home-spa vibes, anyone?!

Of course, we don’t expect you to take our word for how amazing we feel Valmont is. Please feel free to visit us, and we will be happy to help you and give you a VALMONT experience in our store.